Archangel Zagzagel

Meaning: Wisdom & Compassion

Colour: Gold


Zagzagel personifies heavenly wisdom that has been born of faith and can triumph over hardship.  He is here to help you to reach your full potential. Do a complete life review for whatever you think you are not being true to the person you really are, your soul energy.  

zagzagel-solarHe teaches us how to listen to our inner wisdom by searching deep within for our own truth. Most of us are too busy and too worried about what others think of us to reflect on ourselves. Listening to the still quiet voice within is vital to spiritual awakening and is impossible if you are filled with judgements and fear.  

You may feel unworthy and stray from your path and repeat past negative patterns. Zagzagel will assist you in overcoming your fears with his help you can reach your own wisdom and compassion and continue on your soul’s life journey.

To receive wisdom, quiet your mind and your body and learn how to listen to your inner most being. Hearing sometimes comes through the mind as words, but usually comes in the form of symbols or feelings and a deep knowing.  When you connect to your inner knowing you feel alive and energized. You may not always receive what you want to hear but know the inner voice of yourself and Zagzagel is leading you back to your true path, with love.

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Related emotional issues

Uncertainty, anxiety, life direction

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Depression, panic attacks, hip problems

Aromatherapy oils 

Patchouli, Frankincense, Myrrh


Amethyst, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli.