Archangel Raphael

Meaning: Healing power of God
Colour: Green/deep pink. Raphael exudes the colour of healing


Archangel Raphael is the angel of healing, science and knowledge. If he has come to you this indicates that you are a natural healer. I suspect your friends come to you with their problems, as they recognise your natural healing energy.

raphaelIf there is someone around you who needs healing of the body mind or spirit Raphael will assist you in helping him or her.

Surround them with beautiful healing light. Raphael may also be appearing to help with a relationship, a difficult situation or health problem concerning you or a loved one so you can be reassured it will soon be healed. Do not fear, you will soon feel balanced and whole again. Raphael assists with all forms of healing – orthodox and complementary medicine alike. He will help to heal body, mind and spirit.

Ask for his help if you or someone you love is ill, thinking of becoming a healer, searching for a cure, or if you are in pain whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. He helps with healing all wounds, past present and future. Raphael also oversees science and knowledge as well as healing and enables us to develop a full understanding of our own powers of recovery.

This angel suggests you have natural healing powers which you should develop in whichever sphere you choose, complimentary therapies, main stream medicine, counselling, psychotherapy, etc. but first you will need to concentrate on yourself and do some self-healing. Identify and letting go of your own issues will allow you to channel more energy for others.

Your energy must be constantly rebalanced to maintain good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Connect to the universal life force energy of unconditional love and Raphael will assist you by channelling this energy to facilitate your own and others healing. He is angel of the east and governs the element of air.

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Prayer to Archangel Raphael

Raphael please heal the wounds of my past
allow me to let go of my physical emotional mental pain
heal my relationships both now and in past lives
I surrender myself to your healing energy both for myself and others.