Archangel Ramaela

Meaning: Joy & Laughter

Colour: Yellow & White


Joy is food for the soul. Your eternal self lives in joy. If you have attracted Ramaela you need to focus on the joy in your life. She seeks to show you glimpses of your own immortal splendour.

ramaelaJoy in not something to be acquired. Like true happiness, lasting joy is your natural state and may only be found within yourself. To feel joy is a spontaneous gift. Catch it within yourself or your natural surroundings and share it with others through the day. Are you excited when rising in the morning with thoughts of what the new day brings or are you lacking in energy and fear your day ahead?

Ask Ramaela to help you notice the things that bring you joy so you can make more time in your life for them. Joyfulness is energizing and creative.  Allow yourself to express your natural creativity in ways that bring you pleasure. Use your imagination and transform your life into a playful arena for yourself, friends and family. Even the most mundane of tasks can be turned into something fun when asking Ramaela to help inspire your imagination and desire for fun.

You too can experience more joy in your life as you allow more of your true self to emerge. You should aim to laugh at least twice a day as laughing has a very healing affect on the body. It releases endorphins into the bloodstream that make you feel much better. Share joy with everyone you meet whenever possible as this will create more loving energy in the world.

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Aromatherapy oils

Orange, citronella, rose, jasmine & gardenia


Citrine, yellow calcite & amber