Archangel Micah

Meaning: Divine Timing

Colour: Pale Orange


Everything comes to he who waits. Ask Micah to help you acquire patience. Ask him to help you find your way towards your life’s purpose. He is available to you at all times. Go into yourself and meditate, ask him to show you the way forward at this time and then trust that the way will be shown. We cannot always go forward at the speed we would like, we need to allow time for ourselves and those around us to grow and become who we are meant to be.


micahArchangel Micah can look into the Akashic records and allow what is meant to be into your awareness. This comes through to you in your imagination or as ideas or messages you receive through music, people being introduced to you, book recommendations etc.

Everything will happen at exactly the right time for everyone’s highest good and that means we often have to be patient. This means that some pieces of the puzzle must first be put in place before others can come to fruition.
Pay attention to doors that open and those that shut for you at present for all experiences will be important to you in the future. Nothing happens by chance, everything is working towards a divine plan in which you have the lead role.  

Ask Micah to show you the way and then follow the signs that come to you. If something seems blocked remember it is perhaps just that the time is not right yet and there are other things you need to achieve first, a piece of the puzzle needs to be collected along the way.    Trust that you are exactly where you are supposed to be right now.

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Self-esteem, trust in life, indecision

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Leg and knee problems

Aromatherapy oils

Grapefruit, rosewood, neroli, sandalwood


Labradorite, orange calcite, gold jasper