Archangel Ithuriel

Meaning: I am alight

Colour: All the colours of the rainbow but especially, blue, violet and pink


Angel of self love and self development leads you gently towards letting go of everything you no longer need in your life which is holding you back from reaching your full soul potential.  He leads you on Your Angel Journey to find the love and peace in your heart and nurtures your inner light until it is a bring and shining star confidently learning and growing and sharing your being with others.


Ithuriel will help you discover your true self.  Many of us have become so good at putting others needs before our own that we have lost touch with who we are.  Our lives involve us being so flexible and busy in the human world that we loose touch with our divine being and our purpose.  Ithuriel will help you connect to your soul self and integrate the different parts of us into the whole divine being that we truly are.

He will reveal all our hidden talents so that we may live a full, happy and productive life, living to our soul's full potential. He will help you identify and release everything across lifetimes that restrict you from raising your vibrations from the 3rd dimension through to the 4th, 5th and 6th dimensions.

Related Chakra

All the Chakras especially the Sacrum and Heart chakras

The heart is the Key to the other dimensions and most of what blocks us raising through the other dimensions is in the sacrum.

Related Emotional Issues

Issues of "not knowing", lack of self worth, lack of confidence, lack of passion for life.  Control issues, fear of being out of control or of being controlled.  Fear of life and of death, fear of loss.  Not being able to experience and express Love and Joy.

Related Health Issues

Heart problems,  Breast and ovarian cancer

Aromatherapy Oils

Blue Lotus, Golden Water, Amber Kashmir, Jasmin, Rose Geranium, Lavender


Angelite, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Saphire