Archangel Fortunata

Meaning: Abundance & Good Fortune

Colour: Green & Gold


Fortunata brings good fortune, abundance and prosperity in all things. She asks you to look at what you already have and to take pleasure and show gratitude for all you have received.  To know positively that those things you have asked for are on their way to you. This is not just material wealth but health, happiness, family, friends etc. Focus on what you already have and the rest comes to you.

fortunataFortunata knows what you need and what is for your highest good and will ensure all your needs are always provided for. Abundance lies in the balance of being able to use and enjoy what you have without fear of it vanishing or thinking your life depends on it. Let go of the material and focus on the spiritual abundance you have within your soul.  

According to the law of the universe wherever you place your energy will be magnified and returned to you. Therefore, wherever you focus your energy will be what you receive and money  represents one exchange of energy.

Your beliefs will also affect the energy flow. If you unconsciously believe you do not deserve something or you must struggle to get what you want these beliefs all result in blocked energy. Two people may have the same beliefs but one may feel rich in their life and their experience will be a rich and rewarding life. The other may feel a lack of satisfaction and always be wanting more. They will experience a life of poverty and not having enough.  

Fortunata will help you appreciate what you have which will bring you more of what you want. The key is trust. Trust your inner guidance, trust that Fortunata and God will provide.  

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Sacrum and Solar plexus

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Low self-esteem, blocked emotions

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Low energy levels, ME

Aromatherapy Oils

Orange, Grapefruit, Peppermint, Yang Lang


Green and yellow Calcite, Citrine, Quartz, Emerald, Malachite