Archangel Cassiel

Meaning: Harmony, Balance, Serenity

Colour: Silver, white, bronze, pink, purple


CASSIEL is a high ranking angel who is one of the leaders of the choir of angels called the powers; he is also the angel of tears and temperance and one of the angels who has rulership over Saturday.


He brings balance for in life there is always a paradox.  Light – dark, joy – sorrow, excitement – anxiety.  You cannot appreciate one without the other.   We would not know when we were happy if we were never sad. The two go together and we need to be able to experience the two together. The feelings in the body are very similar, it is how we chose to experience them that makes them different. A new job can be exciting and scary, Cassiel helps you keep things in perspective.   

From our tears come our ultimate joy. Cassiel brings you comfort in your dark hours and reminds you of the good times past and leads you to the good times to come. Being in harmony with yourself and your life means taking time to “be” rather than do.  To find your inner centre and become one with yourself and your life.

We are all one with the creator and can tap in to the collective unconscious (as Carl Jung calls it) or connect to the cosmic web so you can send and receive love and light at all times thus bringing more love and healing to the world.

Related Chakra   

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Related emotional issues   

Mood swings, unexpressed grief

Related health issues   

Back pain, arthritis

Aromatherapy oils   

Majoram, Clary sage, neroli,


Obsidian, black/white agate, boulder opal