Micah Angel of Patience

Channelled by Joylina Goodings February 2013 a downloadable audio version is available after the 'Read More" if you would like to listen and receive angelic healing as you do so.

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Lumiel on The Way forward - Jan 2013

Lumiel an angel of the new era has given us a message on "The Way Forward" and Living with Soul

Welcome dear ones, I am Lumiel and I am here to shine light on those dark spaces within releasing the need for you to be governed by fear and connecting you to your inner soul-selves so you may live from your soul-selves, ie 'Living with Soul'.  As you chose to create your lives through love and compassion and as you grow in light you will naturally

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Archangel Auriala - Dreams

Welcome dear ones.  I am Auriala angel of Dreams.  Many of you have dreams, dreams of who you want to be, what you want to do, but now you must dream of how you want to live, how you want to feel and what you want to achieve both for yourselves and your world.  For some your dreams feel to big, for others you can't see how they can ever be achieved and for others your dream may not as yet be in your conscious awareness.  But for those who are consciously aware, as you each take small individual steps to wards your goals then so you will change your world, both for yourselves and each other.

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Gabriel August 2012 - Energy

Welcome dear ones, we are aware of how many of you are feeling so tired during this time.  The energies on your planet are continuing to rise and this is taking a toll on your physical bodies, especially those of you who are particularly sensitive, as they adjust to the raising vibrations.  We have chosen this time to good effect for many of you will be having time to rest in the coming weeks.  If you take advantage of this opportunity to relax and let go or your worries and your fears, if you honour yourselves and your bodies then in a few of your earth weeks time you will again feel positive and energised.

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Gabriel's message on Change (2011)

Before you read Gabriel’s message please allow me to tell you about something very relevant that happened to me a few years ago. I had taken a Stand at the Mystic Arts fair and myself and 3 colleagues had been giving free healing continuously over the weekend. It had been a wonderful experience. A week later I met another healer friend, Anne Jones, at the London MBS show and we agreed to give each other some healing before the show started. What we experienced was incredible.

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Raziel 11.11.11. Peace Love & Unity

This meditation is to enable you to anchor these energies and unify any soul fragments, sub-personalities etc. within yourself and to spread these energies around the world through the crystalline grid. We are reconnecting the universal masculine energies with the feminine earth energies and giving birth to the unity of ONE through your heart center.

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Eth - Equinox March/April 2011

Archangel Eth Time & the Equinox March/April 2011

The meditation and an image of what you are creating in your heart chakra. Imagine as you are breathing in the light of the universal matrix it comes together in the centre of your heart and you are then creating it in your heart and breathing it out and joining it with everyone else’s beams of light.

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