Angel Altars

Creating an Angel Altar or Sacred Space

Creating an angel altar is one way of letting the angels know you are ready and wish to work with them. This can be done by setting aside a whole room for yourself or just setting aside a box containing the things you wish to use. The advantage of a box is you can carry it about with you and use it wherever you will.

I have a shelf in my bedroom laid out where I can perform rituals, ask and listen, whenever I wish. I also carry certain things in a bag so I can create an altar wherever I am working. I also have representative items in the corners of my home, making my whole home an altar.

You can put anything you like on your altar because you are creating it for yourself. You can use pictures representing angels, you can put angel cards, or angel statues.

Raphael is in the East and represents the element of air; he is the archangel in charge of healing, science and knowledge. So I put things that represent these elements in the eastern section of my home, such as incense, feathers, wisdom books, healing tools. Michael represents the South, truth, courage, protection and the element of fire. In this corner I have a candle representing transformation by fire, a miniature sword of truth and a small piece of blue material representing his cloak of protection.

Gabriel represents the West, the messenger angel, overseer of communication and the element of cleansing through water. So in the west I have a beautiful glass that I fill with natural water from a spring or river when I can, but tap water works just as well. Or you could use an indoor fountain.

I put representations of what I try to communicate to people about spiritual development in this sector. In the North stands Uriel, angel of the Earth who brings groundedness, determination and transmutes energy into action. So in the north I have crystals, a small bowl of earth, a stone from the garden, a plant.

I also try to find something that represents the re-growth of life from death and the transformation cycle. This can be a piece of last year’s dead wood with a new shoot on it or a picture of a butterfly. Butterflies are good because they hold the caterpillar, pupae, and butterfly signifying the various total transformations that can take place in a lifetime.

I also put things that have special meanings on my altar, such as Mothers’ Day cards made for me by my children, and prayers or poems that mean a lot to me. It is a special place for special things. Because I am a healer I also keep photographs and my distant healing list in the east with Archangel Raphael. In the bag I take around with me I have a crystal and talisman associated with each angel.

For instance when doing readings my table is set up with the tape recorder and tapes in the west for Gabriel and commu- nication, crystals in the north for Uriel and earth, a light or candle when possible in the south representing Michael, and my cards in the east, with feathers and incense representing healing and Raphael. So my table becomes an altar wherever I am and no-one else is aware but the angels and myself. My little secret with the angels.

You can have as much fun as you like creating and recreating your altar. They say angels fly because they take themselves lightly and as long as you are having fun with what you do then you are including them. It does not have to be too serious. My inner child is playing and that is what the angels like most and respond to. So ensure you are having fun in your own way.

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