Angel Courses

Introducing the Wealth & Wonder of Connecting to Angels. 

Here you will find a variety of courses designed to give you the necessary background knowledge and skills to connect to the angelic realms, to discover their differing energies and to bring their loving guidance into your life for yourself and others.

Whatever your reason for bringing the angels into your life whether you are just curious or wish to become a professional angel therapist this modular training system will offer you what you need. If you have any questions then just email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 07702 956 928

See what her colleagues say:

"Dear Joylina - Your Angel Course is wonderful and such good value. Explaining fully the qualities and meanings of the Angels and Archangels with simple meditations and exercises. You are to be congratulated on having produced such an excellent Angel Therapy Training. There is nothing I could add to it. You have included so much information in your training, the angels applaud you and shower you with many blessings.

Love Golden Light and Rainbow Angel Blessings Linda Jarrett.

Linda Jarrett is the An Angel Therapy Practitioner, personally trained by Doreen Virtue, she also trained with the Diana Cooper school as an Angel and Ascension Teacher.

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