Living with Soul

Or more accurately “Being Spiritual” ie being HAPPY.

Being “Spiritual” It is about how you live your life. Connecting to your Soul’s Purpose, developing and living from your highest ideals.

Understanding and experiencing the unseen forces that govern our world, such as universal energy and how it works is an essential part of this process. As you explore your spiritual side you learn and develop spiritual skills such as meditation, healing, intuition, as well as psychic, clairvoyant and mediumistic abilities.

Being Spiritual has never been about the paranormal, nor about crystals, palmistry, astrology, tarot or any other esoteric skills you may have or wish to develop. Nor is it about whether you are connected to your spirit guide or the angels, it has always been about what’s inside. About who you choose to be and “how” you choose to live. Although by learning with the Living with Soul School and Joylina, you can and will develop all of these skills. as well as how to align to your Life’s Purpose and Live a richly rewarding life right now.

What is the Spiritual Journey

I believe we are spiritual beings who have chosen to have a physical incarnation as a human being at this time and that our soul lives on long after this physical body passes. Part of our purpose is to live rich and fulfilling lives now not someday in the future. Having achieved this for myself my aim is to empower others to align their goals with their own soul's purpose and be happy NOW in the present. But a rich and fulfilling life is different for everyone.

We often hear people say things like ‘oh he is very spiritual, he meditates every day’. Or ‘she is very spiritual she reads tarot cards’. Or ‘I am a very sensitive spiritual person – I communicate with spirit every day. Occasionally we hear ‘I want to develop my spiritual side’ but what does this mean?

Being spiritual is not about any of the above. It is not and never has been about the paranormal or about any esoteric skills you have or wish to develop. It is not about whether you are connected to your spirit guide or the angels. It is about how you live. Becoming adept at the skills, especially meditation, becoming knowledgeable and experienced in the unseen forces that govern our world, like universal energy and how it works is important. Whether as a quantum physicist or as a metaphysician, it is necessary. But spiritualism has never been about spirits and what’s out there, it has always been about us, what’s inside and who we choose to be. It has always been about BEING spiritual not about DOING spiritual things. About Being a human BEING and especially in our current society not a Human DOING. It is a ‘way of life’. Speak to any Buddhist and they will tell you that Buddhism is not a religion, it is a way of living.

Dalai Lama
The Dalai Lama

Throughout time our great Philosophers and teachers have sort self-realisation through a variety of different routes and then offered their experiences, wisdom and teachings in service to others. Going back since time immemorial all our great poets and teachers from Confucius and Lao Tzu?, through Lord Krishna, Buddha, Jesus and Mohamed. Through, Rumi - Longfellow. Via St Francis of Assisi, St Teresa of Avila, Alice Bailey and Rudolph Steiner, to the modern spiritual greats like Mother Teresa, HH Dali Lama, & Babaji. As well as more contemporary writers and teachers such as, Deepak Chopra, Caroline Myss, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, and Paul Carvelho. It appears that most of us at sometime seek out who we are and the deeper meaning of life. We seek the answers to those questions.

Science has also been trying to answer those questions with the work of Newton and Einstein, through Geoffrey Ingrave Taylor, Dr. David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake and modern theories of the holotropic universe, particle, wave and string theories, to the reassessment of the big bang, Einstein’s theory of relativity with recent discoveries at Cern, to Stephen Hawkin & Leonard Mlodinow’s latest book ‘The Grand Design – New Answers to the Ultimate Questions in Life’ where they talk of 11 different dimensions interwoven in time. All of this upholding and proving what indigenous peoples from all over the planet have believed and lived by through the ages.

David R Hawkins in his books --- speak of raising our consciousness. Of calibrating our vibrations to the highest levels to reach enlightenment. Science tells as that everything in the universe vibrates at different levels. All matter vibrates. if it appears solid the molecules vibrate slowly, if it fluid they vibrate more quickly and if it is gas it vibrates very quickly. IE air, we can't see it so it vibrates quickly and without it we can't live. We breathe it every day and we know the more polluted the air is we breathe the more dis-at-ease we become. (example passive smoking).

We can see from our own history and that of our universe how everything goes through cycles of change. The main one being the cycle of birth, life, death and rebirth. Whether that be the eons life of a galaxy or the life of each and every unique snow flake.

My interest and journey, like yours, began many lifetimes ago but for this life it began when I was 3 years old and has continued ever since, mainly unconsciously and over the last 20 years consciously.

Unique individuals
Unique individuals

I believe we are each unique individual beings, like snowflakes. Each and every one of us has inherited our own ways of hiding our light, of restricting ourselves, usually through some kind of egoic pattern based on fear either inherited or experienced in this lifetime or another. We are not here to be Human Doings but as divine beings who have chosen to experience a lifetime as a Human Being NOW. To manifest into the physical those individual unique soul qualities and to let them shine in the present, not one day when...

Our lives and experience has left us hiding our light. Living as expected by our families and societies. Our role is to transform those egoic patterns based on fear and experience and the misconceptions that we are ‘not good enough’ we need to ‘try harder’ but to shine our soul’s essence by Living with Soul now. By being true to our soul essence. I believe we are each unique individual beings, like snowflakes. Each and every one of us has inherited our own ways of hiding our light, of restricting ourselves, usually through some kind of egoic pattern based on fear either inherited or experienced in this lifetime or another.

Like snowflakes we are all individual but also the same. We are all made up of the same elements as the rest of the universe. Just put together in differently. Like snowflakes are all made up of atoms of hydrogen and oxygen and float unseen in the atmosphere. As time passes like attracts like and they join together. When two atoms of hydrogen connect to one atom of oxygen they become moisture and when combined with low temperatures, they become a unique individual snowflake. One snowflake alone soon melts and becomes water, but many together together become a beautiful blanket of snow shining like diamonds in the sun.

The common purpose for each and every one of us is to be living in integrity with our soul’s calling each and every day as best we can. We will then all evolve consciously into being the ‘best of the Human Being we are meant to be TODAY’ and being HAPPY TODAY not ‘one day sometime when....’. So that each individual snowflake shines brightly in the sun creating the blanket of beautiful snow as we create our own destiny together, Living with Soul.

One Being

I believe we are all one being. One consciousness separated into many tiny parts. Therefore we each have our part to play in Divine Creation. Science shows us that we are all made of the same matter – the same matter that makes up our universe, our solar system, our planet and everything on it, including ourselves. Science tells us that everything is balanced and self-regulating and James Lovelocks 'Gaia theory' seems to confirm this, as we can see our planet regulating itself. Our planet is more than just a lump of rock in the solar system. It is a self-regulating, living system - just like our bodies are.

G I Taylor
G I Taylor

Science also tells us we influence the world around us with our thoughts and our feelings. That our individual thoughts and feelings make a difference to the reality of matter at a quantum level. This is not new. In 1909 British Physicist Geoffrey Ingrave Taylor discovered that the mere presence of consciousness affects the way quantum particles behave and therefore our individual consciousness affects the whole of creation. This was later repeated as the famous experiment where two physicists watched the same experiment and the one who expected to see a particle saw a particle and the other who expected to see a wave saw a wave, thus proving that our individual human consciousness affects our reality. The work of Dr. Masaru Emoto on water and the power of human consciousness turning low negative energy water into positive energy water just with people focusing positive loving emotional energy on the water it changed from a dark dirty looking crystalline structure to beautiful clear crystals. Again showing that human consciousness affects the physical matter around us.

I believe we are spiritual beings who have chosen to live in a human body, and as such it is our body is the instrument that our soul uses to communicate. It is our feelings and emotions that make us human. That connect us to each other and the source of everything. It is often our E-motions that propel us forward. E-motion. Energy in Motion gives us the energy to motivate ourselves and take action. For instance once many years ago someone told me I was not bright enough to take a post graduate degree. All my life I had been told to try harder, not only was I not bright I was plain dumb, and not to have any expectations of myself. Admittedly I had struggled with getting any O’levels and then gone straight to secretarial college. I was not university material. All my life I had just accepted it as true, in fact I had made it true. Suddenly I saw red. How dare this person pass judgment on me and what I could do. They didn’t even know me. I enrolled immediately and became one of the first Chartered members of the Institute of Marketing. It transformed me. I finally had confidence in my own ability to achieve anything I set my mind to. I no longer believed myself to be stupid. It was my e-motion, in this case, angry energy put into positive motion that made the difference. I am sure many of you have had similar experiences.

Science has also shown that our emotions affect our DNA, that all matter is made of DNA and that DNA has memory. Our DNA reacts to our thoughts and feelings. Our E-Motions. So everything we have ever experienced and learned both individually and as a whole is embedded in our genetic code and is activated and does change with our E-motions. Science has shown that our DNA will react instantaneously to our emotions wherever that DNA is. Therefore seeing everyone and everything in the universe is made of matter and thus DNA everyone and everything is connected through it. In reality this goes a long way to proving Dr. David Bohm’s theory of the Holotropic universe. Which basically says that all knowledge is embedded in everything. This is why things like reflexology work. That the different areas of the foot, hand, and head can and do reflect the rest of the body and by massaging on part relief can be brought to the whole.

We are sensitive instruments. Our senses are geared unconsciously to read our environment. How many of you have walked into a room or someone has come into your presence and you have wondered 'what’s wrong'. You have sensed something. You have started feeling down. Or the opposite someone starts laughing and within moments the whole room is doubled up. Our feelings and emotions are connected. Shamans from around the world have always believed that the current form of human consciousness is an unnatural state of separation i.e. ME and NOT ME. This makes us feel cut off, therefore we want, and then we focus on lack, on what is missing from our lives. We say things like, 'I will be happy when I have that wonderful relationship, that new job', and so we focus on what is missing in our lives, slowing down or stop the flow of matter in our lives. Mystics and Shamans from around the world through all the ages have recognized this to be true.

So if we are all 'one', how do we become separate?


Take the lifecycle of a human as an example. When two people seek a mate our DNA is seeking to improve itself. It seeks out the opposites, the other bits of DNA to make itself whole. Two cells join and become ONE then that ONE starts to separate out into two, four, 8, 16, 32 etc. splitting into ever more cells that are all the same until eventually those cells take on individual characteristics. They chose to be a bone cell, a skin cell, a brain cell, a heart cell, etc., and each of these cells influence each other and work together to create the whole human being.

When a baby is born it doesn’t know it is different or separated from its parents. The whole world revolves around it. There is nothing else. But as it grows we teach the young person that it is separate that it is different from us. We install our personal beliefs and values, our societies beliefs and values. As that young mind experiences life it files everything away in its memory, all its experiences, learnings etc., get filed away in the brain, and often things can be misfiled. A simple 'not now dear, I am busy' can be filed away as 'Mummy doesn’t want me'. Then every rejection is filed away as 'I am not wanted'. Doctors tell us the that first 3 years are the most important in the formation of a new person. After that all experiences are referenced to those first 3 years. So after a while a belief is formed from our own experience that no one wants us. Another example would be, 'Well done darling, but so however hard we try it is never enough leaving many people feeling not good enough. When the reality is we are enough, we are good enough, we are learning and growing and as such we are enough right now.

None of us like being judged yet we judge ourselves and each other as being either right or wrong or good or bad. Our ego’s make that judgment through our experience, often the experience, values & beliefs of the 3 year old within. Our ego separates us, rationalizes and does its best to make us right, better than others, to give ourselves and our lives purpose and meaning. We always give meaning to things that happen, we make them good or bad, but what if there is no meaning. What is the meaning of the sun coming up in the morning. Does it have meaning or perhaps it just does. Does it choose who it is going to shine on or not. So perhaps things that happen in our lives don’t have any particular meaning and if we take the meaning away they are neither right nor wrong they just are experiences. If we enjoy the experience we do it again if we don’t we don’t.

Religions having being doing this for centuries, separating us. All our current religions focus on the differences between them rather than their common root and the similarities between them. After all it is only different people’s interpretation of certain texts that makes things different. Take Buddhism, first there was one man who discovered something he believed to be true - Buddha. He taught others, he had 12 disciples who on his death went out into the world to spread his teachings. One went to Tibet and formed the Tibetan school of Buddhism. Over time 3 or more sects were established The Red, Yellow and Black hat sects. Under these other sects formed. Another disciple went to China and Zen Buddhism was born etc...

If you seek out the similarities between Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc., you can easily see that the fundamental message being taught is about peace and love. When researching the internet there are 21 different religions that all have a saying equivalent to 'Love thy Neighbour'. The Dali Lama says, 'Religion is a construct of man, compassion is his nature', and I believe this to be true. Look at how we all react to global adversity. Compassion is our first response. Strange how we can have it so easily for strangers far away but find it so hard to feel it for those nearest and dearest, let alone ourselves.

I believe we are all one soul, that we are interconnected and therefore each and every individual’s thoughts and feelings can and does affect those around them. There was one experiment done where I think it was 1000 people focused on sending out loving thoughts and feelings into their neighbourhood for 3 hours. The crime rate went down during that time. Therefore, how we each chose to live our lives can and does affect those around us. So my understanding is that we are loving and compassionate souls, one with everything and our personality or ego is who we have learned to be ie separate. Don’t get me wrong we need a strong ego to be in this world. To manifest those soul qualities in this world we need a strong ego and strong sense of who we are and what is right for us. To be true to our own ideals, values, beliefs. There are those who have done it in the past who stand out as fine examples of what mankind is capable of. Such as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela & Gandhi.

For instance Gandhi did nothing other than stand up for what he believed. He believed the inequality of the British Raj was unfair and wrong. He could have started a revolution, especially during the second world war. But he chose not to. He told his supporters that violence only breeds violence and because one was violent didn’t make violence right. That taking advantage of Britain being at war was no more right than what the British were doing. He would not stoop to the level of the British. So he continued his peaceful protests and more and more people joined him. They believed in peace, they practice peaceful demonstration, until eventually the British energies rose to their level and they became aware themselves and handed over power peacefully.

Another single individual who lived by his own beliefs and values and set an example for what he believed to be right is Nelson Mandela and the fall of apartheid. These events not only show one person standing for their personal values can influence and change nationals but also are examples of Rupert Sheldrake’s Formative Causation Theory at work. This theory sometimes known as the Hundred Monkey syndrome, states that when a certain number of individuals in a group learn or experience something new, that when the point of morphic resonance is reached, i.e. a certain proportion, the knowledge will be passed to the collective consciousness of the whole group. Another example could be the fall of the Berlin Wall, which as many of you may remember, seemed to come from no-where.

It is not easy to 'live with soul' - to live from our soul, bringing those higher energies of love, compassion, acceptance and joy to life in everyday life. When we are frustrated and angry, when we are hurt or suffering from loss. But we can do it. We can change our feelings and emotions just by changing the focus of our awareness. After all, who are we? Our personalities, our emotions, our actions, our feelings or our thoughts. We are of course all these things but who is aware of them. We are of course our Awareness and we can choose to focus our awareness on whatever we chose. We can choose to focus it on the good things in our lives or the bad things. Just take a moment to notice how what you chose to focus on, to place your awareness on can change your feelings and emotions and thus your DNA and eventually the collective consciousness.

Just spend a moment thinking about something or a part of your life that was not good. Or an issue taking place in your life right now that could go so called wrong. Focus on the negative side of things for a moment. Notice how you feel in yourself. Do you feel happy, excited, do you have lots of energy or do you feel down, listless, sad or fearful. Notice the energy of those around you. Notice the energy in this room. How does it feel. Now place your awareness on something good, a happy joyous time in your life, or a positive outcome to a current issue. Notice now how you feel. Do you still feel down and fearful, of course not you feel happy, excited, energised. Notice how the energy in the room feels.

So you have the power to feel good whenever you wish just by focusing your awareness on the positive. On the similarities, on feeling peace, love, compassion, joy. You have all just not only changed your individual reality of the moment but the collective reality as well. Energy attracts energy. You have the power to feel, those soul qualities of whenever you chose and we can all chose to do so more and more often and thus attract more and more love into our lives which we automatically share with others. If you are happy those around you are likely to be happy.

Why now?

Well, why not. 2012 is looming and there is a great spiritual awakening taking place in the world as we speak. People are becoming fed up with the way things are. There is something inside more and more or us that is awakening and saying, 'What is my purpose' how can I improve my life. How can I bring peace, fulfillment, joy into not only my life but also those of others. It is actually very simple, because most things in life are very simple when we stop making them complicated. All we have to do is focus our awareness on those moments in our lives, those e-motions, those feelings we want to experience and we change our reality in that moment of time to that positive experience. The more we do that the more our current reality changes and the more we increase the flow of those positive energies and experiences to us. As we do this individually so it influences the collective around us.

I have just returned from leading a trip to Bhutan, which calls itself the land of Gross National Happiness. The peace and the happiness of the people is tangible. They all, regardless of quantity focus on what they have not what they don’t have. So all we each have to do whenever we start to feel ourselves focusing on fear or lack and what is missing in our lives or what might go wrong, is to remember everything we have to be grateful for and for me my reality changes instantly. We all have the ability to change our own reality and thus that of our world. By choosing to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and our fellow human beings, individually we automatically create a more peaceful and harmonious world.

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