Living with Soul

Or more accurately “Being Spiritual” i.e. being HAPPY.

Being “Spiritual” It is about how you live your life. Connecting to your Soul’s Purpose, developing and living from your highest ideals.

Understanding and experiencing the unseen forces that govern our world, such as universal energy and how it works is an essential part of this process. As you explore your spiritual side you learn and develop spiritual skills such as meditation, healing, intuition, as well as psychic, clairvoyant and mediumistic abilities.

Being Spiritual has never been about the paranormal, nor about crystals, palmistry, astrology, tarot or any other esoteric skills you may have or wish to develop. Nor is it about whether you are connected to your spirit guide or the angels, it has always been about what’s inside. About who you choose to be and “how” you choose to live. Although by learning with the Living with Soul School and Joylina, you can and will develop all of these skills. as well as how to align to your Life’s Purpose and Live a richly rewarding life right now.

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