Joylina in the Media

Over the years Joylina has made many appearances on TV, Radio and in the Media. She had her own column “Ask the Angels” In High Spirit Magazine and has had multiple articles printed in magazines such as:

  • Kindred Spirit
  • Spirit & Destiny
  • Soul & Spirit
  • High Spirit
  • Predication
  • Paradigm Shift
  • More to Life
  • Silent Voices
  • Resonance, amongst others

She has also appeared on:

  • Discovery Channel demonstrating a future life progression
  • Sky News
  • Your Destiny TV
  • Psychic Interactive
  • Psychic & Soul
  • German Television
  • Radio Cambridge
  • Passion for the Planet
  • Radio Glastonbury
  • Radio Wessex, amongst others

Joylina on TV