About this site

Me atop the Potala Palace
Me atop the Potala Palace

Joylina.com was set up in the year 2000 offering healing and readings, and as an information resource on all things spiritual. Over the years, as Joylina has learnt and grown, it has expanded as she continues to share her knowledge and wisdom.

Whether you are interested in learning about angels, healing, spiritual & psychic development or are just curious, browse away. Perhaps you have questions such as “what is the difference between a psychic and a clairvoyant” or a spirit guide and an angel, or “how could they help you”?

Perhaps you want to know about your “Life’s Purpose” or are interested in having a reading? Well you have come to the right place.

Joylina believes we are spiritual beings who have chosen to have a physical incarnation as a human being and that our souls’ live on long after this physical body dies. Part of our purpose is to live rich and fulfilling lives now not someday in the future.

Having achieved this for herself, her aim is to empower others to align their goals with their own soul's purpose and be happy NOW in the present, and through her courses, workshops, retreats and readings she has helped many people achieve just this.

But a rich and fulfilling life is different for everyone. So not only can Joylina help you discover exactly what that is for you, but will also provide you with the necessary skill set you individually need to create the life of your dreams in the here and NOW.

"Joylina's natural wisdom and energy is a gift to us all. We have all learned much from her wisdom. She is an amazing woman: psychic, clairvoyant and gifted in all manner of esoteric knowledge. We are truly blessed to have her with us.”

Dr.Buzz McCarthy Director of SFINX Women, Psychoneurologist Relationship Consultant, and Author