About Joylina Goodings

Joylina is an inspirational speaker and teacher, intuitive life coach, angel expert, psychic clairvoyant, healer & author. She aims to aid your spiritual & personal development via, on-line training, personal coaching, psychic clairvoyant readings & healing.

Whether you are seeking; Spiritual & Personal Development, or wondering what your future may hold, Joylina and Living with Soul will enable you to find the joy you seek. She works with the Higher Dimensions to help you create the happy, successful life you deserve.

She is author of the acclaimed "Your Angel Journey - a guide to releasing your inner angel", (amongst other books) President of the British Astrological & Psychic Society and has lead spiritual holidays, workshops and retreats in France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, South Africa, Australia, America, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and taught around the UK as well as at the College of Psychic Studies in London.

Joylina's clients span the globe, coming from all walks of life, including; singers, dancers, TV presenters, leaders of industry, international public speakers, life coaches, doctors, counselors, foreign politicians as well as other psychics, healers and teachers. All seek her guidance via, private consultations, skype and telephone.

More about Joylina:

Personal characteristics

Joylina’s core values offer a window onto her personality and the way she works. Her motivation is to lead a peaceful, loving and joyful life of service with integrity and passion. Her clients have found her very grounded and professional, making them feel safe and protected. Joylina’s energy is very uplifting and enjoying lighter moments with clients is important. She has a playful and fun personality and will help you rediscover joy and contentment. Her healing meditations are loved by all as her voice is the perfect vehicle to carry you gently to far-off places where healing takes place.

Her Approach

What does Joylina do? Many people ask her this question. Her aim is to assist her clients in connecting to their authentic selves. To connect to their soul's purpose, transform their ego into the essence of their true being, transcend their karma and past lives and to consciously evolve with the new emerging consciousness. To do this she uses all her gifts, as she believes each and everyone is a unique soul whose purpose is to manifest their true essence in their own unique way to bring their gifts to the world.

Joylina works holistically, with root causes rather than symptoms. She will ensure your goals are aligned with your higher purpose and authentic aspirations. She brings her unique skills and experience to accommodate the individual needs of her clients and empowers people to help themselves. Unlike many other practitioners, Joylina encourages clients to take responsibility for their lives rather than merely reassuring them that everything is going to be fine. This path will enable you to transcend issues instead of glossing over them and will ultimately bring lasting, positive change into your life.

Joylina combines her psychic gifts with extensive research and knowledge of energetic healing and transformation as well as the affects of current quantum theory within the context of transformation. She is adept at explaining various techniques and the nature of various phenomena and is always available to answer questions. Joylina has a portfolio of well-trusted and tested tools and methodologies, which can be tailored to clients’ individual needs. She is especially good at helping individuals who use their rational mind as she herself once used only her mind and struggled with making the 'right' decisions. Adding to this love, humour and compassion Joylina will lead you on a journey of discovery to your heart and soul's calling to live a happy and fulfilling life right now, in the present.

Working with Joylina will help you to be the happy and confident person you were born to be, loving and self-accepting. Connect to your true self and create your own reality. Look at life as an exciting adventure, like a child. Let go of fear, judgement and the need to control. Explore new places and ideas. Find strength in your vulnerabilities. Be aware that you have choice. Recognise that your life is a journey - to experience your soul within a human body.

Joylina’s qualifications

  • Consultant & President of the British Astrological & Psychic Society (BAPS) - Executive Committee posts held in the past - Consultant Director, Esoteric Schools Director
  • Author of Your Angel Journey, (published by O=Books £11.99) and other books available on Amazon.co.uk
  • Master NLP Practitioner, Member of the Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • Time Line Therapist and member of the TimeLine Therapy Association
  • Reiki Master/Teacher and member of the UK Reiki Federation
  • Teacher at the College of Psychic Studies in London
  • Trained in Integrative Psychosynthesis Counselling
  • Qualified Bereavement Counsellor
  • Member of the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain