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Carers what would we do without them? A Special Holiday for Carers with £400 off.


Carers are underrated and underpaid members of our society. Neither they or what they do is valued and we want to offer them a Special Holiday discount.  Even if you are not a carer yourself, please like and share this page because, if not you, one of your family or friends or their family or friends will be in need of a break. What follows is why all Carers deserve a break.


There are so many different types of carers. Doctors, Nurses, Social Workers, Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Then there are the professional day-care workers, carers in care homes, the live-in carers, who are paid minimum wage for a very vital role, which few people want to do and all will tell you, is not easy. Then there are the volunteers who help at day-care centres, charity shops, and the host of people, like me, who relieve our society of the financial burden of caring for the elderly by giving up work to care for their own elderly or disabled family. 

These groups of people is ever expanding and what’s more they get little thanks or support from society or often from those around them. Live-in carers often work far from home and have to handle very difficult people. We all know how the older we get the more forgetful, fractious and plain obstinate people can get. My father for instance often refuses to take his medication because he can’t remember what it is for, so why should he. Live-in carers by the very nature of their role have no time off whilst working. Daily carers when finished for the day go home to care for their families. Family carers are on call 24/7 just incase there is an emergency, no more Friday nights at the pub to unwind at the end of the week just in case I have to rush someone to the hospital.

Watching your loved ones slowly disintegrating before your eyes is both emotionally draining as well as physically draining. Even simple things like shopping entails going to 4 different supermarkets to get their favourite versions of the limited variety of food they are prepared to eat. They do not seem to realise that you have to eat if you want to stay alive or to go for a walk on a nice day. Explaining things over and over again, day after, day, leaves the carer not only tired and dispirited but often depressed as well.

I am lucky in that my siblings come and take turns relieving me, so I do get some time off once in a while. But many carers have no time off. Either their family lives too far and can’t support them, won’t support them or they have no family at all. For them taking time off is not an option. For others like me, having a holiday with the family is not an option, because they are doing the caring in my absence.

So Who Cares for the Carers?

This is why Catherine and Jim Jameson at Grue Demoiselle, who have been offering special holidays for disadvantaged people, through a supported holiday company in the UK for the last 4 years, have decided to offer this Caring for the Carers holiday at a substantially reduced rate, especially for the poorly paid, overworked, over stressed, Carers without whom our society could not exist. £400 off the usual price for a weeks holiday at Grue Demoiselle, where you can relax, unwind, chat to like minded people if you wish. Where you can either stay in your room and sleep, go for walks in the beautiful local countryside, discover new ways of helping yourself and those you care for, swap stories and meet other (maximum 8) like-minded people. Where you can enjoy good food, peace and quiet, and pampering for yourself for a change. So turn your face to the sun and come and join us.  Even if you are not a carer yourself, please like and share this page because if not you one of your friends or their friends will be in need of a break.

Whats included:

All rooms are double rooms with En-suite.

Breakfast, Lunch, Evening meal.

Fresh Fruit, teas and coffees are always freely available.

1 relaxing treatment - either Bowen Technique, Healing, Reading or a Bachs Flower Remedy consultation.

Opportunities for guided Meditation.

Opportunity to learn healing techniques for self, others & animals.

Make your own personal aroma spray to take home with you.

When is it?

21st - 28th April 2018. If anyone is unable to make those dates but would still like a break away then please still get in touch as we will always try to accommodate you.

Where is it?

Grue Demoiselle, Rancon, Nr. Limoges, France. It's very easy to get to from a number of UK airports with just a half hour transfer from Limoges.

How much is it?

The inclusive rate for shared accommodation for this special holiday is £600  (£400 off the usual price of £1000) or for single accommodation is £750, also at £400 off.

We are also offering a special discount of £25.00 of the above prices to Consultus carers.

For more information or to book email info@gruedemoiselle,com.

Telephone: from the UK - 0033 555 602419 - from France 05 55 60 24 19

Mobile: from the UK 0033 602305371 - from France 06 02 30 53 71 

Or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone + 44 (0) 7702 956 928

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