Poetry for the Soul Time Passes

As our busy week comes to an end and we prepare for our even busier weekends, let us take a moments repose in our busy lives, before time passes us by on this gloriously sunny autumn day. 

Time passes,
Do we notice,
The birds the bees and the sycamore trees,
Do we watch and feel the joy,
Or do we busy ourselves with more,
The time will come, when I am gone,
Who will watch the trees live on?

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Numerologically 2014 is a 7 year. Seven represents the wisdom seeker, the search for inner truth. Seven knows that not everything is exactly as it seems. Seven is introspective. Seven also seeks perfection. Seven resonates with the attributes of spiritual awakening as governed by Melchiseldec, Father of the 7 Elohim Angels of the Divine Presence, and most beloved of God and sometimes identified as the Holy Ghost. He is working with all the Angels at all levels to identify and break free of any recurring patterns that lower our vibrations.


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