Archangel Pheul

Meaning: Lord of Water & the Moon

Colour: Aquamarine, Blue


This is the card of emotional tranquillity and stability.  Gabriel governs water and emotions and Pheul works with him.  The moon represents illusion (it has no light of its own it is but a reflection of the sun) but it has power over water on earth such as the tides in the oceans.

phuelUsing water to cleanse yourself and your aura is an important part of your growth.  For instance, whenever you are bathing or showering or swimming you can ask Pheul to cleanse you and your aura of all negativity. Use the healing power of water to calm and balance your emotions and those of others. We are after all 80% water.  

Use the power of water to let go of past negative emotions, imagine them going down the drains and back to the sea to be transformed back into positive energy by the eternal tides.  

Ask Pheul to help you search within and let go of any illusions and surrender and release past emotions. Everything you release will be replaced with something more wonderful than you could imagine and you will be healed. The more tranquil you are within yourself the more calm and secure your life will be.  

Ask Pheul to bring emotional harmony into your life thus enabling you to bring emotional fulfilment to yourself and others.   

Related Chakra

2nd Sacrum, 3rd Solar Plexus, 4th Heart

Related emotional issues

Turbulent emotions

Related health issues

Anxiety, depression, gyneological problems

Aromatherapy oils

Rose, sandalwood, lavender


Malachite, aquamarine, blue topaz oils, Rose, sandalwood, lavender, Crystals, Malachite, aquamarine, blue topaz

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