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What are Angels?

Angel illustrations on the site by kind permission of the artists Adrian Holland and Walter Bruneel.

Angels are energy; they dwell in the fifth dimension and above and their vibrational frequency is higher than humans who live in a third dimensional world. This is why we can’t see them. When I see them they are usually shifting orbs of colour rather than humanoid with wings. They are genderless beings, made up of an equal balance of male and female energy. They are completely androgynous, which is why some people experience them differently, some as male, others as female. They resonate unconditional love. They have never incarnated in human form and they never will. Neither will we ever become angels (with two exceptions Enoch and Elijah). This does not stop angels using humans to do things for them, which is why we often see people as angels. “You’re an angel,” we say as someone helps us. As we develop and become more aware of our spiritual selves our vibrations rise and we can begin to connect to our spirit guides and angels.

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The Difference Between Spirit Guides and Angels

Spirit Guides are human energy and have had many lifetimes. They are wise loving people. They continue evolving on the spirit side by agreeing to assist us in our lives in whatever way they can. They offer guidance, inner knowledge and inner peace, love and wisdom, but they will not and cannot make your choices for you. You have free will. You are the creator of your life and only you can choose your path. They can help you reach your full potential. They can show you the direction of your life and help in many practical ways with this lifetime.

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History of Angels

The word angel comes from the Greek angelos, and means 'messenger'. It is a translation of the Hebrew word mal’akh. I believe  Angels have been around since the beginning of time. They have never been human, they are an energy created by the Divine/Creator (God/Goddess) or however you like to address this energy. (Defining your God is not within the parameters of this website but there are some recommendations for further reading on the 'recommended resources' should you wish to explore further.)

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Angel Hierarchy

Personally I do not feel there is a hierarchy, as we would understand it. This feels like a human invention to me. Especially since the archangels are also known to work on other levels, such as Archangel Uriel, Angel of the North and one of the four major archangels charged with protecting the universe, who is also the Throne of Planet Earth. So perhaps it is a less hierarchical structure and more like the business matrix management that is currently in vogue here on earth. Maybe it is “as on earth so it is in heaven”.  Taken to a greater degree if we are all part of God, how can their be a hierarchy either in heaven or on earth. 

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Fallen Angels

This section would not be complete if I did not mention Fallen Angels. Zoroastrianism, a religion that began in the Middle East between the fourth and second millennia before Christ, according to records, first introduced negative energies. They had many angels including a Lord of Light. To create balance, there had to be a Lord of Darkness with his demons and evil spirits. In the first instance, the demons of Zoroastrianism, were referred to as devas. In modern thought, devas are an elemental nature spirits working for good.

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Connecting to Angels

Much has been written about opening and connecting to angels. Everyone has his or her own unique way of doing so. What’s important is that whatever you do feels natural and comfortable for you. Angels naturally answer you and draw nearer when you speak to them. You do not have to do it out loud, in your head will do.

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The Parking Angel

The Car Park Angel.

I used to be very skeptical about all of this and as for being frivolous and asking angels for parking spaces I thought it was a dreadful imposition when I thought others needed their help a lot more than I did for much more important things. But as I learned more and became aware of their energy and that they can be in more places at once, helping everyone I eventually was persuaded to give it a try.

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Angels and Ritual

Angels do like ritual, but it is not necessary. You can call an angel to your side by being honest with yourself. If you are asking (praying) from your heart they will hear and answer. It is your intention that is important. So if you are not comfortable working with ritual you don’t need to, they will still be there, protecting you and bringing you what you need for your highest good. If you do enjoy ritual then it adds power to your intention.

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Angel Altars

Creating an Angel Altar or Sacred Space

Creating an angel altar is one way of letting the angels know you are ready and wish to work with them. This can be done by setting aside a whole room for yourself or just setting aside a box containing the things you wish to use. The advantage of a box is you can carry it about with you and use it wherever you will.

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